10 websites for seniors and caregivers

More and more seniors these days are choosing to “age in place,” living in their own home for as long as possible. The Internet can be an invaluable resource to make this happen. Most seniors and nearly all of their younger loved ones have a computer and online access. In fact, over a quarter of all seniors are using social networking sites such as Facebook, according to a recent Pew Internet study.

Sometimes finding the useful information among the morass of websites can be difficult without a guide, so we gathered up a list of sites that provide directories of topics of interest to seniors and their caregivers:

AARP Health provides information on a wide variety of senior-related topics in clear English.

Health.gov provides a portal to the federal government’s health-related websites, such as the NIH and womenshealth.gov, many of which contain rich amounts of useful information.

HealthFitABC.com focuses on health and fitness related topics in a clean interface that makes it easier to navigate than some other directory sites.

Health Marketing Directory is a bit reminiscent of Yahoo’s early days as a cataloger of the web. The site’s home page neatly breaks down health-related issues into topic and subtopic areas, making it easy to explore.

LookHealthFit.com provides links to all types of health-related topics from maladies to treatments including an extensive section on alternative medicines.

MayoClinic is the site for the world-renowned medical practice and research group. While most of the site is dedicated to patient care, the Health Information section contains valuable information for everyone.

Medical Apple has an easy-to-navigate directory, but it also surfaces random links and popular articles making it easy to find new information.

MedicalWho.com provides numerous links to browse for information on senior health, aging, conditions and diseases and many other topics.

SeniorCentral.info goes beyond just senior health topics to categories such as elder law, safety and security, and volunteering.

WebMD is the granddaddy of health sites and continues to provide thousands of pages of helpful information and it provides useful tools such as health quizzes and a symptom checker.

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