100 Centenarians Polled and the Survey Says

The UnitedHealthcare 100@100 Survey annually polls 100 people who are age 100 or older (centenarians) to gauge their attitudes about their lifestyle and world events. For the 2014 survey, researchers also polled baby boomers (age 65) entering retirement to compare their views with the views of centenarians who have been retired for the last 35 years.

Here are a few illuminating results of the 2014 UnitedHeathcare 100@100 Survey:

  • Centenarians report feeling blessed, happy and surprised about reaching the age of 100, none report feeling sad or burdened.
  • Both centenarians and boomers feel as if they are younger than their age.
  • Over 50% of centenarians live independently and about 25% of baby boomers are caregivers.
  • Centenarians believe convenient household appliances and automobiles are the most significant technological advancements to emerge during their lifetime, while boomers believe it to be the personal computer.
  • 3 out of 4 centenarians report that they do not have access to the internet, while almost 90% of boomers report that they do.
  • The home telephone is the most popular way to connect with friends and family for both centenarians and boomers.
  • Baby boomers are much more likely than centenarians to use cell phones, smartphones or social media.
  • Boomers believe their health will be more difficult to maintain than their social connections.

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