3-wheelers provide a safe, healthy alternative to bicycles

Riding a bicycle can be a great way to get around and get exercise, and they say that once you’ve learned to ride a bicycle, you never forget. Unfortunately, the fear of falling keeps many elderly people from hopping onto the saddle. Seniors are turning to adult tricycles as a safe alternative, though some prefer the more dignified term, 3-wheelers.

Many of us rode Schwinn bicycles when we were kids and Schwinn now makes a selection of 3-wheelers which you can buy from Target and Wal-Mart among other stores. Trailmate makes a very extensive line of 3-wheelers including recumbent trikes, as well as a 4-wheeled two-seater.

Whether you’re looking for a better way to get to the grocery store or you just want to keep your body moving, these people-powered vehicles are definitely worth a look. Late summer and early autumn are a great time to get out and ride.

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