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Does Your Loved One Need a Senior Medical Alarm?

Answer the following questions to determine if a LifeStation medical alert system is right for your loved one.



Count your “yes” answers to see if your loved one needs a LifeStation system.

0-2 Not required
Your loved one's health and living situation don't require a medical alert system, but it can provide peace of mind against the unexpected.

3-5 Moderate need
Your loved one is at risk for a fall or other incident. A medical alert system helps ensure that aid can get to them quickly.

6-8 Highly recommended
Several factors put your loved one
at fairly high risk of a fall or other incident. To maintain their independence, a medical alert system is highly

9-11 Urgent need
Your loved one is at
very high risk of an
incident requiring
medical attention.
A medical alert
system is strongly


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