Beat the Summer Heat

With the hot summer months upon us, staying healthy and hydrated is vital for everyone. Seniors need to be especially careful when heat waves approach as they are more susceptible to heat and heat related problems.

How can we help the elderly people in our lives avoid these potential dangers? Here are some general tips that can help the elderly avoid the heat.

Stay Hydrated
Dehydration is a common health risk for seniors in the heat, so make sure you drink lots of fluids and avoid dehydrating beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol.

Limit sun exposure
Stay indoors during the hottest parts of the day. When outside, wear sunscreen, a large hat, and light-colored clothing.

Be mindful of medication
Certain medications can increase fluid and electrolyte loss. Make sure to consult your pharmacists for potential heat-related side effects of your medication.

Eat right
Eat foods that contain lots of water such as fruits and vegetables. Be careful of dairy products and other foods that spoil when left in the heat, as seniors are particularly susceptible to food poisoning.

Be aware
Don’t forget that humidity can also cause heat related problems. For a full report on all of the dangers of heat, check out the Nation Weather Service’s page on heat.

Staying hydrated seems like simply advice, however, a Washington Times article shows how it is even more important for seniors than anyone else. As we age, the amount of water in our body declines, which means that the older you are, the more water you need to drink to stay hydrated.

Despite the dangers of heat, following some of these tips and staying hydrated can keep you cool and safe these hot summer months.

At the first sign of heat stress or dehydration, make sure that your loved ones know to press their medical alert buttons to get help fast.

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