Best Senior Discounts for Saving Money

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We never want to admit we are getting older, but maybe a discount at our favorite store or restaurant would help us accept it. If you aren’t up to date on the seniors discounts and looking for some money saving tips, LifeStation has put together a list of the best senior discounts for you to take advantage of. 

Retail Discounts for Seniors

There is nothing like shopping at your favorite retail store, and getting a discount on a gift or on something you have to have. Check out these discounts from some of the best stores to shop at:

  • JOANN Senior Discount – 20% Off on Senior Days 
  • Kohl’s Senior Discount – 5% Off Every Wednesday
  • Hallmark Senior Discount – 10% Off
  • Michael’s Senior Discount – 10% Off for Members
  • Pep Boys Senior Discount – 10% Off
  • Savers Senior Discount – 30%-40% Off Every Tuesday


Grocery Store Discounts for Seniors

You can stock up on groceries on the senior discount days at some of the top grocery stores for the whole month! Check out the list below: 

  • Harris Teeter Senior Discount – 5% Off Every Thursday
  • Publix Senior Discount – 5% Off Every Wednesday (Select Locations)
  • Safeway Senior Discount – 10% Off First Wednesday of the Month
  • Albertsons Senior Discount – 10% Off First Wednesday of the Month


Restaurant Discounts for Seniors

Craving a special meal that just isn’t the same homemade? Treat yourself to a night out and get a generous discount at one of these famous restaurants:


Prescription Discounts for Seniors

As we get older, we rely on prescriptions to maintain our health. Unfortunately these medications can get expensive, but here are some programs that can help seniors save money.

  • Rite Aid Senior Discount – 20% Off (Wellness 65+ Program)
  • Target Optical Senior Discount – $10 Off (AARP Members)


Travel Discounts for Seniors

Need a vacation? Lucky for seniors, you can get out of town at a discounted rate! Check out these travel discounts at the most popular transportation companies:

  • United Airlines Senior Discount – Special Price
  • Delta Airlines Senior Discount – Special Price
  • Royal Caribbean Senior Discount – Special Price
  • Carnival Cruise Senior Discount – Special Price
  • Amtrak Senior Discount – 10% Off Most Rides


Entertainment Discounts for Seniors

After you satisfy your craving at your favorite restaurant, head to one of these theaters at a discounted price to see that movie you have been waiting to see.


Check out LifeStation’s site for more resources for seniors, and shop our mobile senior medical alert systems that you can wear when you go out to get your awesome discounts!


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