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Be Independent on Independence Day

Friday, June 29th, 2012

With Independence Day around the corner, we’ve decided to share some resources that will help the seniors in your life stay independent.

The first resource we’ve found gives 10 tips for independent living. These tips will help you organize and prepare so that your loved ones can live independently without you having to worry.

From installing handrails to motion seniors for lights, these easy home improvement tips can have an immediate impact on your loved ones safety and peace of mind.

Another easy way to give your parents more independence is by getting them a LifeStation Medical Alert System. This will give you and your parents the peace of mind that if something does happen, someone will be there to help.

No matter how you do it, let’s make this year’s Independence Day a day of independence for everyone


Beat the Summer Heat

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

With the hot summer months upon us, staying healthy and hydrated is vital for everyone. Seniors need to be especially careful when heat waves approach as they are more susceptible to heat and heat related problems.

How can we help the elderly people in our lives avoid these potential dangers? Here are some general tips that can help the elderly avoid the heat.

Stay Hydrated
Dehydration is a common health risk for seniors in the heat, so make sure you drink lots of fluids and avoid dehydrating beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol.

Limit sun exposure
Stay indoors during the hottest parts of the day. When outside, wear sunscreen, a large hat, and light-colored clothing.

Be mindful of medication
Certain medications can increase fluid and electrolyte loss. Make sure to consult your pharmacists for potential heat-related side effects of your medication.

Eat right
Eat foods that contain lots of water such as fruits and vegetables. Be careful of dairy products and other foods that spoil when left in the heat, as seniors are particularly susceptible to food poisoning.

Be aware
Don’t forget that humidity can also cause heat related problems. For a full report on all of the dangers of heat, check out the Nation Weather Service’s page on heat.

Staying hydrated seems like simply advice, however, a Washington Times article shows how it is even more important for seniors than anyone else. As we age, the amount of water in our body declines, which means that the older you are, the more water you need to drink to stay hydrated.

Despite the dangers of heat, following some of these tips and staying hydrated can keep you cool and safe these hot summer months.

At the first sign of heat stress or dehydration, make sure that your loved ones know to press their medical alert buttons to get help fast.

Father’s Day Gift-Giving Guide

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Father’s Day is fast approaching and with dad always seeming to have everything, we all know how hard it is to find the perfect gift. We’ve found some useful resources to help you pick out the perfect gift for your elderly father.

One simple solution is to get your dad a Father’s Day gift basket. Pick out his favorite snacks, fishing lures, or magazines to make the perfect personalized present.

You can also give your dad a more practical present. Although it might not be something he needs, giving him a gift that he’ll use every day will make it that much more special. With gift ideas like a digital picture frame, a phone with Photo Speed Dial, or a large, easy to read remote, there are plenty of options to find dad the right gift.

If you think your elderly dad has everything and doesn’t need any more material gifts, don’t worry as there are still plenty of options. Instead of giving him clothes or tools, do his chores, cook him a meal, or take him to a ball game.

Regardless of what you get your dad, the most important thing is to tell him and show him how much you care.

Happy Father’s Day

Help Your Loved Ones Avoid Eating Disorders and Poor Nutrition

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Eating disorders and poor nutrition occur amongst the elderly with alarming frequency. As people age, their appetites decrease, there are more physical difficulties involved with making food and dementia and memory loss can lead to forgotten meals. Care Focus explores some of these problems and how they can lead to eating disorders amongst the elderly.

With many other factors also coming into play, it is important to narrow down the causes of malnutrition amongst your loved ones. SparkPeople explores a variety of causes of malnutrition and gives some ideas on how to combat these problems.

While it is important to understand the causes of eating disorders, it is always better if you can avoid the problems before they begin. Help Guide provides an in-depth outline to senior nutrition, breaking down what foods and habits are best for both elderly men and women.

While eating disorders and malnutrition are large concerns amongst the elderly population, being informed and proactive can help keep your loved ones healthy.

How to Ask Your Parents the Tough Questions

Friday, June 1st, 2012

As your parents age, there are new and important topics that arise and must be discussed. There are many different types of conversations you can have with your parents and many different ways to bring up the important issues. Whether it has to do with finances, health insurance, or legal preparations these topics are usually difficult to bring up and even harder to discuss in detail.

The U.S. Department of State provides some excellent advice about communicating with elderly parents. goes into detail about what topics to discuss with elderly parents and also gives some helpful advice on how to breach these difficult topics.

Remember to be open, honest, and NOT argumentative when discussing these topics. Regardless of the method you choose, the most important thing is that you actually talk to your parents about these issues so that they can be safe, happy, and prepared for the longest possible time.