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Service Dog Taught how to Operate LifeStation Equipment

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

A few days ago someone shared a great video on LifeStation’s Facebook page. Published by Suncoast Service Dogs, Inc., the video shows Gracie, a service dog being trained to operate LifeStation equipment. Gracie successfully operates a Wall Mounted Alert Button as well as the main table-top LifeStation Console. Thanks for sharing such an amazing story!

See the video here.


Air Travel Tips for Seniors

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Travelling by plane with elderly parents can be difficult and stressful. Due to the new regulations and security measures we now face when travelling, preparation is vital. We have compiled a couple of resources that can help make your travels easier. takes an in-depth look at traveling with the elderly. They talk about the many things you can do to plan ahead such as requesting special services, preparing the necessary documents and planning for security checkpoints.

The New York Times featured an article that goes into detail about booking flights, getting to the airport and checking in your elderly loved ones.

Caregiving Solutions explores traveling with the elderly and disabled. This resource focuses on issues such as medical clearance and certain medical devices that may impact your travels.

The AARP has a blog that provides tips for when your elderly loved ones travel alone. They put an emphasis on preparation and reserving the proper assistance.

If your loved ones are travelling for an extended period of time they can bring their LifeStation Medical Alert System with them. Just call LifeStation Customer Service so we know where you will be.

Fraudulent Medical Alert Telemarketing Calls

Monday, May 6th, 2013

LifeStation has recently learned of widespread fraudulent telemarketing phone calls. See reports of the fraudulent telemarketing phone calls here, here and here. The calls target seniors and claim to be offering medical alert services similar to LifeStation. Some LifeStation customers have received these calls. During some of these calls telemarketers will offer you a free medical alert system or incorrectly suggest that your medical alert system has been cancelled.

LifeStation does not engage in telemarketing of this kind, nor do our partners or distributors. You will never receive a recorded call (sometimes called a “robo-call”) or computerized call from LifeStation. All of our customer service calls are made by live LifeStation representatives.

If you are not sure about a call that you receive from a medical alert company, do not provide any personal information and ask for a call-back number.