Caregiver Notifications

Medical alert systems from LifeStation are valuable to both the people using the systems and to their loved ones. LifeStation believes that our relationship is with both our users and their friends and family.

Friends, family and other caregivers can help seniors choose the right medical alert system and just as importantly help loved ones understand that they need a medical alert system.

Similarly, it is important for the caregiver to be involved in the set up process to ensure the system is working properly and to make sure that the user fully understands how to use the system.

Here at LifeStation we believe the caregiver can be involved even more, which is why we’ve developed a unique messaging system for caregivers. This messaging system is 100% free for LifeStation customers and any or all of their caregivers.

This system works particularly well for caregivers who may not live close to the user or who are out and about most of the day. The system allows caregivers to receive email notifications on the go when a variety of events occur, keeping them informed. The caregiver will receive email alerts when different signals are logged at our monitoring center, such as a user test, a lack of a signal, or an emergency.

With this new system, caregivers can become more involved in the process, helping ensure the safety and well being of your loved ones. For more information about our free caregiver alert system visit our caregiver alerts page.

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