Caring for Caregivers

National Family Caregivers Month seems to be effectively raising awareness of the plight of those who have to care for elderly and ill relatives. We’re coming across many more articles on the topic than we recall seeing in the past.

In her recent blog post, Who Cares for the Caregivers?, April Rudin highlights a new organization, the Caregiver Relief Fund, that is focused on providing relief to those people who spend so much of their time providing help to family members. CRF’s mission is to “address the two major problems for caregivers: limited time and chronic exhaustion.”

Through donations, the organization provides vouchers to let caregivers get professional at-home care services to come help out so the caregiver can attend to their personal needs, whether it’s finally taking care of personal financial matters or simply getting a few moments to rest. CRF has also teamed up with hotel and travel partners to help caregivers really get time away. Caregivers need to apply for CRF relief on the organization’s web site.

For more information about the Caregiver Relief Fund, go to

A LifeStation medical alert system also helps give many caregivers relief by giving them the confidence that the people for whom they care will always be able to get help at the touch of a button even when the caregiver is away. When a LifeStation user needs help, Care Specialists at our UL Listed monitor center will immediately contact the caregiver, emergency services and others on the user’s emergency contact list. Two LifeStation Care Specialists always handle each call so that one can stay with the user while the other arranges help.

In recognition of National Family Caregivers Month, we’re offering $2 off per month on your LifeStation medical alert system order. Enter code: CG2010 at checkout.

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