Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Seniors

Valentine’s Day isn’t reserved for young couples, anyone can celebrate! It’s a day to show love and affection for those you care about. It’s also a nice opportunity to spend time doing fun activities with your loved one.

3 Valentine’s Day activities for seniors

1. Have fun decorating together
Putting up decorations makes a holiday festive and more special. Why not make decorations together? You get the double benefit of saving money and enjoying a fun activity. Here are some simple decor projects:

  • Festive garland – Cut pink and red colored paper into equal-sized strips. Make interlocking rings by pasting or stapling the ends together.
  • Hearts everywhere! – Cut hearts out of colored paper and stick them up on the walls or cabinets.
  • Stained glass window – Cut hearts out of colored tissue paper and stick them up on a light-filled window. Overlapping them makes beautiful patterns too.

2. Make homemade treats to share

Valentine’s Day and sweet treats go hand in hand. Have fun and celebrate by making Valentine’s cookies or easy sweets together. You can even make extras to give to family and friends!

3. Watch a romantic comedy or romantic movie together

After you’ve decorated and created some sweet treats, it’s time to relax with a fun or romantic movie.

Valentine’s Day is for all kinds of love, not just for lovers! Spend time with those you care about and have a good time!

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