LifeStation Customer Survey Results

We recently conducted our annual customer survey and wanted to share some of the results:

Over 90% of respondents were highly likely to recommend LifeStation to a friend with the average rating of all respondents being 9.2 out of 10. We remain pleased that overall our customers are satisfied with our service but we remain committed to continually improving.

Quality of care received from Care Specialist: 95% Excellent/Very good. We hope that you never need to push your emergency help button in an emergency. However, we take particular pride in our UL Listed Monitoring Center and believe that this is the most important part of our medical alert systems and we are gratified that the quality of this service meets all of our high expectations.

Lockboxes are our most popular accessory. Almost 90% of our customers who have a lockbox are satisfied with this product. We are working on simplifying the instructions on using your lockbox to try and improve this number.

The three most important reasons for choosing LifeStation are:

  • Confidence in the Monitoring Center (Important or Very Important to 97% of customers). We couldn’t agree more.
  • Courteousness of phone agent (94%). This is great to hear. While our sales associates are clearly trying to sell our service, we do not want customers that don’t understand what they are buying or who feel pressured into buying our service. We encourage potential customers to read testimonials, do research and consult with loved ones before making a purchase.
  • Ability to cancel at any time (94.3). We still don’t understand why anyone would be a service for a senior that locks you into a long-term contract.

Not all survey results are positive. One common complaint was the look of the LifeStation help button. Good news, we will soon be getting a new shipment of buttons and they are definitely nicer-looking than the current buttons.

Our favorite part is reading the comments from our customers.

  • “I have worked in customer service for most of my career, therefore I expect excellent customer service or I am not happy. Your customer service team has been nothing but helpful, courteous and professional!”
  • “So far we have been very satisfied. My mother has not had to use it in an emergency but accidently set it off while moving bags of mulch. She was in the back yard and they couldn’t reach her by phone or could she hear the system. The company called emergency personnel and called me…it was a few terrifying minutes for me since I live in another city, but I was able to send someone to the house. The emergency personnel were very nice about the mistake and laughed about it and said — at least you know it works. She has since moved the necklace to her back when she is carrying mulch.”
  • “After a storm which left us without power I was pleased to get calls and emails to be sure we were ok.”

Thanks to our loyal customers for this great feedback.

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Mary Marker Giove (daughter of Irvin Marker) says:

My dad is 89 years old and I have the Life Station for him. The other day I was downstairs and he fell in the bathroom. I couldn’t hear him calling me but he had the presence of mind to push his button. I, of course, heard the alarm and flew up the steps. I was able to get him up with the help of a neighbor, but it was comforting to hear your team on the phone checking on him. I told this story on Facebook hoping that friends/family who take care of an elder person will order Life Station. You people are always so nice, pleasant, and helpful. It must be such a rewarding job. I don’t know what I would do without you!!


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