Domino’s delivers…medical alert services

We were struck by this story on NBC’s Today Show about a pizza delivery woman who came to the rescue of one of her elderly customers. Jean Wilson had ordered a pepperoni pizza every day from a Domino’s restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee. When she hadn’t called in for a few days, Domino’s delivery woman, Susan Guy, got worried and went to check on Ms. Wilson. There was no answer at the house and none of Ms. Wilson’s neighbors had seen her in recent days, so Ms. Guy called 911. Police broke down the door and found Ms. Wilson on the floor. She had fallen a few days earlier and couldn’t get to the phone. Ms. Wilson was hospitalized, but fortunately her injuries aren’t life threatening.

Jean Wilson’s story illustrates why a medical alert system is so important for seniors living at home alone. She was fortunate that her injuries weren’t more serious and that Susan Guy is such a concerned and compassionate person, a real hero. It’s a wonderful story because it looks like everything is going to be okay in the end, but seniors and their loved ones should also consider it a cautionary tale.


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