Drink coffee. Lots of coffee.

The media is abuzz about coffee today. We’re not talking about the buzz they get from their cup of morning joe. We’re talking about the buzz from new research that further points to coffee being the miracle drug.

Yesterday, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health published a report that men can significantly reduce their risk of prostate cancer. Men who drank six or more cups a day over an extended period of time reduced their risk by sixty percent. Those who drank less coffee still saw their risk decline, though not by as much. It doesn’t matter if the coffee is caffeinated or decaf, pointing instead to coffee as an antioxidant.

Last week, a study out of Sweden found that women who drank five or more cups of coffee a day had a much lower risk of aggressive breast cancer.

Of course six cups a day from Starbucks could send you and your newfound health to the poorhouse, which is why we present you with this helpful video on how to pick the right coffee. Spoiler alert: in blind tests, the cheapest coffee nearly always wins.


Photo by visualpanic via flickr

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