Exercise Helps You Sleep; Sleep Helps You Stay Thin

It’s no surprise that exercise helps you lose weight, but it’s interesting to see how its affect on sleep factors into the mix. Here are a couple of interesting stories that just came across our computer screens:

  • senior couple on cycle ride in countrysideHaving trouble sleeping? Scientists at Northwestern University analyzed the habits of sedentary middle-aged and older adults. One group exercised for two 20 minute sessions four times a week. The control group didn’t exercise but did various mentally stimulating activities throughout the week including going to cooking classes and museum lectures. The group that exercised experienced better sleep, and as a results tended to be more aware during the day. Read more.
  • Want to lose weight? Sleep. According to an article in SELF magazine, a study of more than 68,000 women by the American Thorasic Society found that those who slept 7 or more hours weighed on average 5.5 pounds less than those who slept five hours or less. To sleep more, you should probably try to be less stressed, and that can help improve metabolism, too. Read more tips on improving your metabolism.

(Photo by Hygiene Matters via Flickr)

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