Fire Prevention and Seniors

October 9-15th is Fire Prevention Week. Fire Safety is critically important for seniors. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, “Americans over the age of 65 are one of the groups at greatest risk of dying in a fire. On average, more than 1,000 Americans age 65 and over die in fires. People over the age of 85 die in fires at a rate five times higher than the rest of the population.”

In addition to the standard fire safety advice (check your smoke detector battery, have an escape plan), the USFA website has some specific advice about kitchen fires, space heaters and smoking.

Your medical alarm is not a replacement for a fire detector but if you sense danger, press the button and our Care Specialists will quickly get you help.

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Terry Gwenn says:

I have a telephone line with Comcast Cable, not land line. Is that OK for Life Station?

admin says:

Yes. When you place the order, be sure to indicate this and we will configure your unit to work with this.

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