Fraudulent Medical Alert Telemarketing Calls

LifeStation has recently learned of widespread fraudulent telemarketing phone calls. See reports of the fraudulent telemarketing phone calls here, here and here. The calls target seniors and claim to be offering medical alert services similar to LifeStation. Some LifeStation customers have received these calls. During some of these calls telemarketers will offer you a free medical alert system or incorrectly suggest that your medical alert system has been cancelled.

LifeStation does not engage in telemarketing of this kind, nor do our partners or distributors. You will never receive a recorded call (sometimes called a “robo-call”) or computerized call from LifeStation. All of our customer service calls are made by live LifeStation representatives.

If you are not sure about a call that you receive from a medical alert company, do not provide any personal information and ask for a call-back number.

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