Gifts Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day More Personal

A Valentine’s Day present is always a good way to say “I love you,” to the people in your life (though it’s no substitute for the words themselves). While your loved one might want a Nintendo Wii or an Apple iPad, odds are, they want something more personal.

The web site, Innovative Nurses and Sitter, recently posted a list of gifts for the seniors in your life that really hit the mark. The list runs the gamut from the non-material (give the gift of a visit or a walk) to , Here are a few of the ideas:

  • 1) If you can, give the gift that seniors want most, your time…
  • 3) Make a tape recording or CD of the reasons you love your senior…
  • 10) How about a new walking device and an invitation for a walk?

Check out 14 Creative Valentine Suggestions for Your Senior on February 14 for the complete list.

What are you giving your loved ones for Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know in the comment box below.

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