Help Your Loved Ones Avoid Eating Disorders and Poor Nutrition

Eating disorders and poor nutrition occur amongst the elderly with alarming frequency. As people age, their appetites decrease, there are more physical difficulties involved with making food and dementia and memory loss can lead to forgotten meals. Care Focus explores some of these problems and how they can lead to eating disorders amongst the elderly.

With many other factors also coming into play, it is important to narrow down the causes of malnutrition amongst your loved ones. SparkPeople explores a variety of causes of malnutrition and gives some ideas on how to combat these problems.

While it is important to understand the causes of eating disorders, it is always better if you can avoid the problems before they begin. Help Guide provides an in-depth outline to senior nutrition, breaking down what foods and habits are best for both elderly men and women.

While eating disorders and malnutrition are large concerns amongst the elderly population, being informed and proactive can help keep your loved ones healthy.

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