How to tell when your parent needs help at home has an excellent article today entitled “19 Warning Signs Your Parent Needs Help at Home“. Personal grooming as well as the appearance of the home are key indicators. For instance, unpleasant body odor may indicate that the person is not bathing frequently, and a dirty house and clutter can also be signs of a problem.

If you notice bills piling up, that could be because your parent is becoming forgetful or feeling overwhelmed. The article also presents other signs that could indicate memory problems or depression.

AgingCare points out that providing non-medical care assistance can be very helpful and stave off a move to assisted living or a nursing home. In-home care services range from simple companionship and conversation to help with cleaning, shopping and bills. Since Medicare and Medicaid don’t pay for home care, the article presents other possible sources to defray costs.

Many of the warning signs cited can be an indication that your parent is afraid of falling or wary of overexerting, especially for people living alone. Discuss getting a medical alert system with your parent. The medical alert can provide your parent confidence because they’ll know that they only need to press a button that’s always with them in order to summon help.

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