Internet Safety for Seniors

More seniors are coming online every day. According to Pew Internet, as of April 2012, 53% of American adults age 65 and older use the internet and over 86% of those who use the internet use email. Those new to the internet need to be aware of scams and other potential risks. We have found some useful resources that can help seniors stay safe on the internet.

The Washington State Office of the Attorney General has a website on senior scam prevention that outlines what a senior should be aware of when it comes to internet security.

On Guard Online provides provides a detailed overview of everything you need to know about internet security. It has a section on avoiding scams that highlights common scams and provides tips to prevent them as well as a section on securing your computer.

Here are some of the best tips that you should follow:

– Create stronger passwords that aren’t easy to guess
– Don’t expose personal information, especially financial information
– Don’t fall for email scams: avoid clicking links in an email from someone you don’t know.
– Be cautious with email attachments
– Know who you are doing business with: before you buy something do some research to make sure it is a real company or product
– Never believe that someone you don’t know is going to give you money

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