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LifeStation recently got a post on our Facebook page from Michael S., a caregiver who purchased the system for his dad. Michael mentioned that his dad was hesitant to push the button when he needed help. This is not the first time that we have heard this from a caregiver.

When the LifeStation monitoring center receives an emergency signal, often the person on the other side apologizes for pushing their medical alarm button. No one should EVER apologize for pushing their help button.

There does not have to be a dire emergency for users to push their buttons. In fact, LifeStation encourages our customers to push their button every month just to ensure that everything is working properly. If users are unsure what to do, they should push their buttons.

Feeling dizzy or light headed? Sit down, and push the button.
Having trouble catching your breath? Again, sit down and push the button.
Slip and fall but don’t know if you’re seriously injured? Push the button.

Some people believe that pushing their emergency help button will automatically result in EMS coming to your house with sirens blaring. However, this isn’t the case.

When you push your help button, LifeStation Care Specialists will assess the situation, and then take appropriate action. Let them help you decide if you want them to call your friends, neighbors or loved ones. If the need arises they will call EMS to make sure that you have everything you need.

In all instances you are better off pushing your help button and letting the LifeStation Care Specialists do their jobs, even if it is just to offer a reassuring word.

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