LifeStation Partners with Vitus to Modernize Safety in Senior Living Communities During COVID-19

Union, NJ (February 26th, 2021)LifeStation, a leading provider of medical alert monitoring solutions and campus-wide emergency call systems for senior living communities, has announced the launch of a new partnership with Vitus, a leading developer and owner of affordable housing communities in the United States. Vitus serves more than 25,000 community residents at over 100 properties across 27 states 

LifeStation will be integrating their emergency alert solution into the Vitus ecosystem, increasing safety  for seniors and providing a modern alternative to legacy systems.  

Nearly a year into the pandemic, the landscape for providing housing to seniors, the population most vulnerable to COVID19, continues to create challenges. Property developers and managers are placing a spotlight on safety with their residents, who may face long periods of isolation as visitation continues to be restricted.  

Scott MuoioDirector, Asset Management at Vitus, serves as a member of the team tasked with tackling this challenge head-on. “Vitus, following HUD guidance on safety alert requirements, identified LifeStation as having the premier technology and services to upgrade the antiquated systems of the past. Rather than rely on a good Samaritan response from pull cord alerts, the LifeStation system is a more reliable and modern alternative that diminishes the risk of inadequate response, ensuring that residents retain their independence with confidence while having the most sophisticated response system available.  Vitus chose to work with LifeStation because they are a national vendor whom we trust to provide exceptional service and timely responsiveness to our residents.  From working through contracts, to installation and resident registration, LifeStation makes the process easy and secure for property management and the residents who utilize the medical alert system. 

The systems are monitored in LifeStation’s two redundant monitoring centers that are staffed 24/7/365 with certified care specialists. 

“This has been a learning experience for us as well,” said David Schwartz, Head of Emergency Call Systems at LifeStation. “Scott and his team helped us learn how to onboard thousands of units at once at a time when we have to be extremely careful about direct human contact. The last thing we want is to place residents, property managers, or our technicians at risk. They’ve made us a better, smarter company.”  

When asked about his feelings on the new partnership, Scott remarked, “LifeStation medical alert systems will improve the quality of life at our communities, and Vitus is proud to be able to provide this amenity to our senior and disabled residents. 

As HUD and major insurance carriers tighten restrictions on life safety, it’s important to provide a service to residents that is both easy to use and efficient to maintain. LifeStation uses HUD and ADA guidelines to custom design compliant call-for-aid systems that will satisfy any government or third-party inspection, such as REAC or NSpire. 

Key solution features: 

  • Compliant with HUD, NSpire and all major insurance carriers 
  • Wireless technology results in a minimal footprint 
  • Customizable response protocols based on resident needs and staff involvement 
  • Robust reporting platform to support staff during an inspection or audit 
  • Award-winning monitoring 
  • Nationwide installation and service 


LifeStation is the only provider able to facilitate a HUD compliant solution that combines wireless systems, monitoring, and support on a national scale.  

Learn more information about VITUS by visiting 

For more information on LifeStation, please contact us at 844.303.3443. 

About LifeStation

LifeStation is one of the leading providers of medical alert monitoring and telehealth technology services in the United States. LifeStation’s mission is to leverage innovative platforms to transform the lives of seniors and help them live safely and independently. Of equal importance is the wellbeing of caregivers and providing them with the peace of mind they need. Learn more about LifeStation by visiting 

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