Make Living Easier with Apps Made for Seniors

Seniors are continuing to use Smartphones and tablets more and more. 12% of people aged 65+ have a Smartphone and 17% of people aged 55+ have a tablet. There are thousands of apps that people can download for entertainment or to make their lives easier. We have found a variety of apps that are specifically designed to aid seniors.

WebMD has a variety of apps that seniors can use to access information on common illnesses, first aid treatment, allergies and more.

The Mayo Clinic Health Manager app allows seniors to keep track of their medical records in an electronic format.

The Medwatcher app gives seniors easy-to-read descriptions of many medications as well as their know side effects.

There are two apps that utilize your phone’s built in features to calculate heart rate. Instant Heart Rate is an app that utilizes the camera on your Smartphone to detect the pulse from your fingertip while Heart-EKG measures your pulse using the microphone.

Another useful app for seniors turns your Smartphone into a well lit magnifying glass.

Phonotto is an app that simplifies your phone’s interface so it’s easier to use and the Big Names app makes your contact list much easier to read with big text.

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