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The medical alert monitoring center, also known as an emergency response center, is the facility where emergency signals from the medical alarm console are monitored. The quality of your medical alert service is only as good as the monitoring center behind it. When looking for a medical alert system provider, be sure to ask the following questions about their monitoring center:

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Is the facility UL listed to ensure the highest standards for the facility's operation or do they rely entirely on internal processes to ensure compliance?

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) was founded in 1894 to provide testing services and insure public safety. A UL listing provides 3rd-party verification that the monitoring center is built, staffed and maintained to meet or exceed UL's stringent standards for security, reliability and customer service. Without this certification, medical alert customers rely upon their medical alert company to set their own standards for acceptable infrastructure and emergency processes.

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How reliable is the monitoring center?

The LifeStation monitoring center contains redundant phone systems, telecommunications and computer networks. The monitoring center has backup power and all interior and exterior entrances are access controlled and constantly monitored by video surveillance. All phone calls are recorded via NICE Systems, allowing for immediate retrieval of recordings.


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