Meet a Member of Our LifeStation Family: Christina

LF Employee Profile Postcard Christine


Christina, also known as “Snacks” by her coworkers, is a Customer Service Specialist here at LifeStation. She’s been with the company for 5 years and actually began her career here as a dispatcher. Now, Christina helps users and their families by assisting with all of their non-emergency needs.


Get to Know Christina


“Definitely reading, I’m a huge fan of Terry McMillan’s work. Also I love to sing and just have fun with my friends and family.”


Favorite Sports Teams

“I’m a big fan of the NY Giants, have been since a kid. Also I love my Knicks. I’m very excited about the trade for D. Rose. NBA finals here we come!”


Why work at LifeStation?

“Well obviously I love helping people, I mean; I’ve been doing this for over 5 years. But, what keeps me here are the people I work with. There is a genuine comradery between everyone who works here, from the bottom up.”


Ok Christina, one last question. Why do your co-workers call you “Snacks”?

“Lets just say that those vending machines that everyone loves, hasn’t been here as long as I have and I’ve always been one to come prepared. Although I must admit, my snack choices have been much healthier lately than when I first got here. The company’s health and wellness initiatives have certainly helped me with that.”


– Christina, Customer Service Specialist

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