Meet a Member of Our LifeStation Family: Meghan

LF Employee Profile Postcard MEGHAN


Meghan has been one of our top Life Safety Consultants for about 6 years now. One reason why she’s so good at her job is her knowledge of the industry; Meghan truly knows the medical alert industry inside and out and isn’t afraid to share this information with anyone who’s seeking help. Although her knowledge makes her good at her job, what makes her special is her optimistic personality and genuine concern for everyone she comes in contact with. She’s a definite favorite with her callers and her coworkers as well.

Get to Know Meghan


“They literally change all the time, but lately I’ve enjoyed Native American bead-work and learning to read music so eventually I can do more than just strum my guitar.”

What’s your most memorable customer experience?

“That’s a tough one because I try to take something away from every customer I help. Most have lived much longer than me and they always have something to share. If someone that made it through the Great Depression has advice to share, you listen!”

What’s your most memorable company experience?

“Oh, that one’s easy. Definitely Hurricane Sandy! We were the only building within miles that had electricity so some of us elected to stay. The company brought in food, entertainment, and even had beds for us to sleep on. We all got a little bit closer that week, after all, it’s not every day that you get to spend the night at your office with your coworkers.”

Ok Meg, one more question for our faithful bloggers. How do you like to spend your days off?

“I’m actually pretty laid back. You might find me studying, crafting, or even going for a hike. I also try to hang out with friends and family whenever I can.”

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