National Family Caregivers Month

There are over 65 million caregivers working tirelessly each day to care for their loved ones.There are a lot of valuable resources on the web to help this community cope with the everyday challenges that come from being a full or part-time caregiver.

As the senior population grows, the need for caregiving will increase dramatically. Over the next two decades, seniors 65+ will increase by over 30 million people. At the same time, the population of their most likely caregivers, those aged 20-64, will increase by less than 15 million people. This divergence in population growth will necessitate further advances and adoption of senior technology solutions to help avert a crisis in caregiving.

In addition, services like a medical alarm are invaluable when you are trying to care for a loved one who does not live nearby.

All the best from LifeStation to the caregivers and their loved ones.

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