Omhu helps caregivers show their love with style

There’s no question that it’s hard getting old and accepting new limitations. To make matters worse, many of the tools that are created to help elderly people get around better are designed completely for function with no thought to form and style. A new company, Omhu, is aiming to change that. Founded by three former luxury-brand executives, Omhu is creating attractive, functional products for the elderly and disabled.

…we’ve created a brand for people like us, caregivers who want more inspired and inspiring choices for the people they love. Omhu celebrates good design because it’s life-enhancing, and it’s fun. By creating more exciting choices of things that help, we hope we can also help change the way people feel about aging and ability.

Omhu’s featured product, the Omhu cane, is described as “a walking stick with attitude,” the cane is carried in the Cooper-Hewitt museum shop and the Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Omhu offers many other products that caught our eye including the Walkabout Walker Bag, an adult tricycle, a luxury wheelchair cushion, and the Fresh Bathtub Seat.

We also love the idea of Omhu’s Stop Talking cards, though we’re not sure we’d feel comfortable every actually handing one out.

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