How to get your loved one to wear a medical alert necklace

Suggesting a LifeStation Medical Alert System to your loved one

People always tell us how they can’t imagine living without LifeStation (read the testimonials LifeStation has received). But until they’ve experienced the way LifeStation makes them feel more secure and independent, they may not believe that LifeStation is for them.

Here are some points you can use when discussing LifeStation’s benefits with your loved one. It gives peace of mind to the people that care for you. Even though you may not desire it, LifeStation does not make your life harder. Instead, your loved ones feel better knowing that the medical alert system is there around the clock and all it takes is a push of the button.

The cost for Lifestation is about a dollar a day. There are no installation, account setup, or long term contracts to worry about.

Doctors, nurses and medical professionals throughout the United States recommend LifeStation. Medical specialists know that every second counts in the event of an emergency. That’s why they recommend LifeStation to their patients.

LifeStation allows people to live independently and worry-free. People want to maintain their independence for as long as possible. With LifeStation that desire is a reality and help is only a push of a button away.

LifeStation is the right choice even if you don’t live alone. Mishaps are unforeseeable. You might require assistance when someone you live with is unavailable.

When our parents were raising us, it was their job to do what was right for us. Even though I don’t want to admit it, we didn’t always follow their guidance. Now it’s time for us to do what is right for our loved ones. Take the step today that can save their life tomorrow.

Linda V.
Cleveland, OH

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