Results of LifeStation Customer Survey

We recently surveyed our customers and wanted to share some of the results.

  • Over 90% were highly likely to recommend LifeStation to a friend. We are working hard to get the remaining 10% just as happy.
  • Over 80% of LifeStation users are female.But remember, Father’s Day is coming up and a medical alert system is a great present for Dad.
  • Over 95% of users who needed help reported that getting to a Care Specialist was easy and fast and that the Care Specialist was helpful. We highly recommend that all users test their system monthly and notify us immediately if there are any issues or questions.
  • The three most important reasons for choosing LifeStation were:
    • Confidence in the monitoring center. We agree that our UL-listed monitoring center, staffed 24/7 with LifeStation employees is the most important reason to use LifeStation.
    • No long-term contract/cancel at any time. We still don’t understand why anyone would choose a medical alert company that locks you into a long-term contract.
    • Courteousness of phone agents. This one makes us really happy as we take pride in having knowledgeable, caring agents who aren’t pushy and aggressive.
  • Some respondents left comments. Here are some of our favorites:
    • We are just getting started with LifeStation, but so far she is very happy and feels safer. Thank you. We live 300 miles away and it helps to have something to help out as people age.
    • I purchased this product for my 92 yr old great grandmother. I appreciate the immediate response of the reps and the ability of the console to be heard over the home. As I was comparing this product to over companies Life Station stood out as your sales reps are not pushy in trying to make a sale.
    • I feel good and know that my Mother is protected and especially at night while the house is sleeping if she’s in trouble and need me she can push the badge I have her sleep with. If she is ever left alone, Life Station is there ( my perfect Mother sitter) Thank you Life Station you relieve my stress
    • I have used it many times and it certainly is a LIFESTATION.

Thanks to our loyal customers for this great feedback.

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