Senior Driving Safety

Getting older does not have to mean that your driving days are over. If you plan ahead and take certain preventative steps, you can continue driving long into your senior years. The first thing you should do is understand how aging affects driving and know the warning signs of when it would be unsafe to drive.

This resource outlines these key points and provides more information on maximizing safety on the road.

AAA has a website dedicated to senior driving that has all sorts of tools to help you and your loved ones, including information on licensing laws in your state, an online driving evaluation and a resource to help understand how medications can impact driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also provides some helpful resources, including how to adapt motor vehicles for older drivers.

While these resources can help you prepare, if you ever feel uncomfortable driving or believe it may not be safe, the best thing to do is have someone else drive or take another form of transportation.

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