Sites That Help Caregivers Coordinate and Cope

Recently, the Wall Street Journal ran an excellent article about how more and more caregivers are turning to social networking sites to organize and recruit friends and relatives to ease the burden and hopefully also save money in the process. Some of the sites just offer a place for discussion while others provide a place to coordinate care schedules, get help with finances and so forth. Here are some of the sites mentioned:

eCareDiary: Offers a free online calendar and a place for caregivers to store medical records, as well as a private blog to communicate with friends and family.

CareCentral: Create a private space for friends and family to communicate, share information and provide support.

Lotsa Helping Hands: Make a community of friends, family and other supporters, list tasks that need to be done, and even post photos to help everyone stay connected.

Several other sites are mentioned and readers contributed some good sites of their own in the comments section.

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