Staying Healthy and Active: An Exercise Guide for Seniors

As you age, staying active is more important than ever. Regular exercise can have many positive effects on seniors as it can help increase energy, maintain independence, improve memory and manage symptoms of illness or pain. Whether you are healthy or sick, there are many ways to get active and improve both body and mind.

Be sure to get medical clearance from your doctor before you begin a workout routine, as different conditions and medications can affect the way you should conduct your workout. It is also important to start slow and remain extremely hydrated, especially during the summer heat.

Here are four types of exercises that seniors can include in their work out routine.

Stretching exercises: Increase freedom of movement

Balance exercises: Enhance stability

Strengthening exercises: Build muscles

Endurance exercises: Improve heart health and the circulatory system

Adding an exercise program to your weekly schedule is important for all seniors as it can vastly increase health and independence so long as you do it safely and responsibly.

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