Stories of Seniors Persevering Through Hurricane Sandy

We know everyone in the northeast has had a tough couple of weeks with Hurricane Sandy quickly followed by a nor-easter storm. We found several uplifting stories of how people came together to help one another during these tough times.

Seniors in a Greenbriar senior community (an area where the majority of homes had lost power during Hurricane Sandy) came together and provided food and shelter for residents of Greeenbriar. The residents turned the community’s clubhouse into a “self sustaining, 24 hour shelter for resident without power.” Read the full story here.

Seniors in parts of central New Jersey were forced to leave their senior communities to evacuate during the storm, and many were forced to relocate to places that lost power, leaving them in the dark. In one part of New Jersey, seniors were taken to Hunterdon County complex where they were welcomed by government agencies, business and volunteers who all worked together to help those in need. From store owners helping recharge electronics to government buildings becoming temporary shelters, almost everyone went out of their way to help their fellow citizens. Full story here.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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