Virtual Senior Center Keeps Homebound Seniors Connected

Blogger Jane Gross reported in the New York Times recently about a pilot “virtual senior center” that New York City’s Department of Aging is setting up to aid homebound elderly people. The project, which is backed by Microsoft, lets seniors easily interact with other seniors, doctors and even participate in religious services using computers with large touchscreen monitors and webcams.

There are only twelve people in the initial project, but some early results are very heartening. Gross reports on one 86-year-old gentleman:

But it’s better, much better, than watching TV alone in one’s apartment. I have been brought back into the world of now, Mr. Greidinger wrote to me.

While there are clearly some kinks in the system, other news sites have reported that there’s been a lot of interest in launching similar projects in other parts of the United States and even internationally.

Read the article: Being There, Without Leaving Home

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