Union, NJ (March 30th, 2020) – LifeStation, a leading provider of campus-wide emergency call systems and medical alert monitoring systems for senior living communities, has announced the launch of a new partnership with WinnResidential, one of the nation’s leading residential property managers and the sixth largest multifamily manager in the United States. WinnResidential manages more than 105,000 apartments at over 630 properties in 22 states, and Washington DC, including more than 55,000 units of affordable housing.

WinnResidential can now take advantage of LifeStation’s expertise in developing a safety net for seniors living in their communities with their award-winning system design and 24/7 emergency monitoring centers.

LifeStation’s sophisticated wireless emergency call systems are installed in WinnResidential’s HUD projects by LifeStation’s specially trained technicians as existing older technologies, such as locally monitored pull cords, are being sunset.

These systems are monitored in LifeStation’s two redundant monitoring centers that are staffed with a talented team of certified care specialists.

“We are thrilled to begin this relationship with WinnResidential. This is a great opportunity for us to showcase the many ways we can provide an essential life-saving service,” said David Schwartz, Head of Emergency Call Systems at LifeStation. “So many property managers are still using technologies from the 60’s and 70’s, and it’s refreshing to see an organization as forward-thinking as WinnResidential take the necessary steps to provide a safer environment for their residents.”

“We are always looking for more effective tools for our senior portfolio, especially to protect our residents from falls and other medical emergencies,” said Trevor Samios, Vice President of Connected Communities for WinnCompanies. “LifeStation helped us blend the need to meet HUD requirements with the ability to offer a 21st century living environment. We are excited to offer this option to help our senior residents age gracefully and independently.”

As HUD tightens restrictions on life safety, it’s important to provide a service to residents that is easy to use and efficient to maintain. LifeStation uses HUD and ADA guidelines to custom design compliant call-for-aid systems that will satisfy any government or third-party inspection, such as REAC or NSpire.

Key solution features:

  • HUD compliance
  • Wireless technology results in a minimal footprint
  • Customizable response protocols based on resident demographics and staff involvement
  • Robust reporting platform to support staff during an inspection or audit
  • Award-winning monitoring
  • Nationwide installation and service

LifeStation is the only provider able to facilitate a HUD compliant solution combined with wireless systems, monitoring, and support on a national scale.

For more information on LifeStation, please contact us at 844.303.3443.

LifeStation is one of the leading providers of medical alert monitoring and telehealth technology services in the United States. LifeStation’s mission is to leverage innovative technology and services to transform the lives of seniors and help them live safely and independently. Of equal importance is the wellbeing of caregivers and providing them with the peace of mind they need. Learn more about LifeStation by calling 844.303.3443, or visiting www.lifestation.com/ecs