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Alabama Medical Alert

With LifeStation medical alarm I know that mom is safe at home

“Purchased it for my mother. Set up was easy when we received it and when set was complete we tested the system and the care specialist was very nice and responded quickly. We're amazed at how well the care specialist could hear us in other rooms of the house from where the main unit was located. I now worry less about my mother having and getting help quickly if ever needed to use LifeStation in the future. Keep up the good work.”
Mark Stanford - Newton, AL

“It has made my trips out, to do any business that I may need to do, more relaxed since I know my wife has help available. Thanks.”
William McPherson - Ohatchee, AL

“It worked very good. Respondents are very good. Call list are used and you are very good at finding proper responses.”
Michael Riddle - Geneva, AL

“I only pay for LifeStation, it's my mother who uses it. Mom has forgotten to press her button a couple of times and you were quick to let me know. As to questions #2, after contacting LifeAlert, it took 4 weeks before I got any information from them. I spoke with your representative and was through within 15 minutes and had things on the move. I live 400 miles away from my mom and your quick response was a relief to both of us. Thank you! ”
Donna Medders - Ohatchee, AL

“Thank God we have not used it yet. She wears it all the time and still lives by herself, she is 86 years old. ”
Martha Isbell - Leeds, AL

Resources for Alabama Seniors:
Alabama Department of Senior Services
770 Washington Ave # 470
Montgomery, AL 36104-3814
(334) 242-5743

According to the U.S. Census Bureau 2009 Population Estimates, the number of Alabama seniors has increased by 14.6% since 1999 to 651,049 people.


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