Add an Emergency Alert System to Your Senior Living Community

Looking to install a medical alert system for residents at your senior living facility or want to upgrade your current emergency alert system? LifeStation has you covered with off-site 24/7 award-winning monitoring centers that will protect your residents regardless of staffing levels at your senior living facility. When setting up your LifeStation medical alert buttons, your facility will receive full service, repair and preventative maintenance with all service plans.

Here are some benefits of having medical alert systems at your senior living community:


1. Easy Set Up

existing systems in senior living facility

LifeStation’s medical alert systems for seniors are made to be easily set up or integrated with existing systems in senior living facilities. Receive off-site monitoring and LifeStation’s advanced notifications without the cost of a full system replacement.


2. Wearable Medical Alert Buttons for Seniors

senior pressing senior medical alert button

By adding LifeStation to your Senior Living Facility, residents will be given the freedom to explore amenities and continue with everyday life. Our wearable medical alert devices allow seniors to receive help anywhere in case of an emergency. LifeStation also offers fall detection devices for seniors for full protection at all times.

Learn about how you can add a LifeStation emergency alert system to your Senior Living Facility here.

3. Wall Mounted Medical Alert Stations

someone pressing an on the wall medical alert button

LifeStation offers wall mounted medical alert stations for easy access for caretakers and staff to call for help. After you mount these LifeStation alert buttons around your senior living community, help will be in reach at all times.


4. Full Coverage

map showing full coverage of service

Our ECS service options can cover your entire building so your senior residents will never have to worry about a fall beyond arm’s reach. LifeStation will provide a safe environment and reduce the stress of caretakers and other on-site staff members. 


5. Data Reporting on Utilization

two people analyzing data of senior medical alerts

Our automated and real time notifications ensure your team is informed of resident incidents and will analyze data that will help your staff appropriately determine when a resident may require a higher level of care.


For more information about our Senior Living Emergency Call Systems and other medical alert devices, contact LifeStation today!


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