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Medical Alert buttons, pendants, and bracelets are waterproof and are meant to be kept on at all times. However, when showering and bathing people often remove their alert devices. Unfortunately, the bathroom can be a perilous place for seniors. According to a University of Michigan Health System study, one third of participants had trouble climbing in and out of the shower or tub. According to Susan L. Murphy, ScD, OTR, an occupational therapist and research assistant professor with the University of Michigan Medical School�s Division of Geriatric Medicine, “For older adults, losing the ability to bathe is associated with having falls, fracturing bones, and even being admitted to a nursing home. It is important that we take steps to help to prevent bathing disability before it occurs.”

If your loved one does want to remove their medical alert necklace when showering or bathing, how can they still remain safe? LifeStation has a simple and affordable solution to this problem. Bathroom and hallway alert buttons are available that operate on the same principles as the personal alert buttons worn on lanyards. A press of the button activates the two-way medical alert console, summoning immediate help. These buttons come with adhesive mounting so that they can be placed around the home. When placed low to the ground immediately outside a tub or shower, bathroom and hallway buttons are easily accessible in the event of a fall.

Bathroom and hallway buttons are recommended for other areas of the house that seniors are likely to remove their personal alert button, such as the bedroom and kitchen. Millions of seniors will fall out of bed this year doing something as seemingly simple as reaching for the tv remote, turning off the light, or trying to find glasses. A wall button placed next to the bed can be a lifesaver in this situation.

For maximum protection, personal alert buttons should be worn at all times in and around the house. However, we recognize that sometimes they will be taken off, particularly when bathing or sleeping. For less than $.15 per day, extra bathroom and hallway buttons are a great backup system for those times when your loved one just doesn’t want to wear their alert button.


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