Caregiver Alerts

caregiver alerts

Medical alert systems from LifeStation are valuable to both the people using the systems and to their loved ones. LifeStation believes that our relationship is with both our users and their friends and family. We make this a central facet to how we deliver our service. To keep loved ones informed as much as possible, LifeStation has developed a unique messaging system geared towards caregivers who do not necessarily live within close proximity to the user and who are likely to be at work or on the go most of the day.

All medical alert systems include our complimentary AlertMessage service. This unique messaging system sends email alerts when different signals are logged at the LifeStation monitoring center. The following events trigger an email notification:

Personal Emergency

In the event of an emergency, LifeStation will call EMS and then begin calling the user’s emergency contact list until the Care Specialist finds someone to provide assistance. The email notification sent at this time allows all members of the emergency contact list to know immediately that there is an issue and that emergency medical services have been contacted. This LifeStation alert is particularly beneficial for loved ones who live far away from the user and might not otherwise have been on the emergency contact list. The email notification is a complement to our regular efforts to contact a live person and in no way replaces that.

Console Alerts

The monitoring center is regularly communicating with the medical alert console. The monitoring center is able to determine if it cannot receive a signal (usually because someone has disconnected the console from the phone jack). Similarly, LifeStation can tell if the back-up battery is running low (usually because someone has unplugged the console from a wall outlet or plugged it into an outlet controlled by a wall switch and then turned off the wall switch).

In both instances, a LifeStation customer service representative will call the person using the alert system. In addition, email alerts will be sent out. This allows caregivers to know instantly that there is an issue with the monitoring system so that they can go over to their loved one’s residence to fix the problem.

User Tests

When a user first receives a LifeStation medical alert system the set-up process includes testing the monitoring system. It is also recommended that users test their systems at least once a month (LifeStation encourages users to do this on the date of their birthday so that it is easier to remember). Each time a user performs one of these tests LifeStation will send out an email notification to the user’s contacts.

Signing Up for Caregiver Alerts

Signing up for Caregiver Alerts from LifeStation is easy. Simply provide an email address when filling out the emergency contact list or call customer service at any time and they can update this information.


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