How Do Fall Detection Devices Work?

What is Fall Detection?

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Fall detection devices use a technology that detects falls of those who live alone and need at home protection. You will find the use of technology in a medical alert system that allows you to receive 24/7 medical assistance without needing to press a button. This protective technology can give peace of mind to loved ones and caretakers of seniors who are prone to falling. 


How Does Fall Detection Work? 

The LifeStation medical alert system uses a state-of-the-art system with three technologies to automatically detect falls. Our medical alert devices use accelerometers to measure acceleration forces when a fall occurs, barometric sensors to detect tiny changes in barometric pressure between standing and laying on the floor, and a complex algorithm to differentiate a real fall from a false alarm. When a fall is detected, our medical alert service center will get in touch with you and can stay on the line until help arrives, so that you feel comfortable and reassured.


More Features of Medical Alert Systems

With fall detection being a main feature of our mobile and at home alert systems, LifeStation devices also offer a variety of features for extra safety and convenience. These features include voice prompts, enhanced location services, they’re fully waterproof, and reliable network coverage. 


Fall Detection Devices 

In Home Medical Alert System

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Our at home alert device connects wirelessly to our monitoring center, and you get the independence and peace of mind that comes with our leading medical alert service without the need of a traditional landline.

Starting at $32.95 

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Mobile Medical Alert System

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For those who have an active lifestyle, LifeStation’s Sidekick Smart is a smartwatch designed for seniors who need the key benefits of a medical alert system in stylish wearables. Along with all of our other medical alert device features, this smartwatch allows you to call for emergency help, track steps, and monitor your heart rate.

Starting at $43.95/month

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