Medical Alarms vs. Medical Alert Bracelets

medical alert vs medic alert

Consumers who search Google for Medical Alert Bracelets are presented with two very different sets of search results. The organic results in the middle of the page are primarily for medical alert id providers such as and The paid results on the top and side of the page are for medical alarm systems providers such as LifeStation. While medical alarms come with help buttons that are often worn around the wrist like a watch or bracelet, these are really very different products.

Medical Alarms

Medical alarms are helpful in emergency situations by giving users access to help with the push of a button. Worn as a bracelet or pendant, medical alarms connect users to a 24/7 monitoring center. The monitoring center will then contact neighbors, loved ones and/or emergency services. While anyone can purchase a medical alarm, most users are seniors who live alone or are at risk of injury or fall.

While most medical alarms work similarly, look the same and are used primarily in the house, design is less important. Medical alarm companies are largely differentiated based on the quality of their monitoring center, customer service, and contract terms.

Medical Alert ID’s

A medical alert ID is essential for people who have ongoing medical conditions (e.g., diabetes, epilepsy, COPD), sever food allergies (e.g., juts, eggs, soy), drug allergies (e.g., penicillin, ibuprofen) or take regular medications. A medical alert bracelet allows emergency personnel to diagnose treatment faster and more accurately. The information on medical alert jewelry helps prevent medical errors by providing information that might not be available if you are hurt or unconscious. Medical alert ID’s are appropriate for patients of all ages and come in many decorative styles and sizes.

Since medical alert ID’s are often thought of as jewelry, the medical ID companies try to differentiate themselves by having a wide variety of attractive designs tailored to different audiences; adults want something stylish while kids want their medic alert bracelet to be cool and their parents need it to be rugged.

Do you Need a Medical Alarm System or a Medical Alert Bracelet?

Since the medical alert ID and medical alarm business are so different, there are not many companies that offer both products. This doesn’t mean that both might not be important for your health and safety. Seniors, particularly those living alone, who take regular medication and suffer from chronic illnesses or have fallen recently, would likely benefit from both medical alert bracelets listing medications and allergies and medical alarms providing access to fast medical care.


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