Celebrating Employee Excellence at The 2023 LifeStation Honors Awards

The LifeStation Honors Awards Ceremony returned for its 2023 edition on Wednesday, March 15th!

The LifeStation Honors Awards are an annual event dedicated to recognizing exceptional employees who embody LifeStation’s company values: Showing Empathy, Caring Passionately, Being a Team Player, and Willingness to Challenge the Status Quo. Here at LifeStation, we feel it is crucial to recognize our employees for their continued dedication and hard work on a regular basis.

The LifeStation Honors feature awards for Employee of the Year, Perfect Attendance, and new this year, Rookie of the Year, for employees who have been with the company for less than one year.

Cristal Graham, left, Jovana Baosic, center, Saraosha Engineer, right. Patrick Li, not pictured.

Our winners this year were!

Rookie of the Year, Customer Service: Cristal Graham

Rookie of the Year, Business: Patrick Li

Employee of the Year, Customer Service: Saraosha Engineer

Employee of the Year, Business: Jovana Baosic

LifeStation also recognized, Harvey Cohen, Vice President, for his 33 years of service to the company and congratulated him on his upcoming retirement!

Read more below for a recap from the award winners!

Cristal Graham, Rookie of the Year: 

Joe Picco, left, Cristal Graham, center, Ron Barry, right

I am honored and elated to have received such an award; the fact that all I do here has been noticed and appreciated reassures me I am at the right place.
Knowing that what I do here positively impacts lives and helping our users feel comfortable and secure is an honor in itself.

Saroasha Engineer, Employee of the Year: 

Ron Barry, Left, Saraosha Engineer, Center, Joe Picco, right

I am so grateful to have won employee of the year. All the kind words touched me. And I am more motivated than ever to strive to be the best at everything I do and work my way up at LifeStation.

Jovana Baosic, Employee of the Year: 

First of all, I would like to express how honored and thankful I am for being chosen for this award. This exceptional recognition comes with great responsibility and is a testament to how a positive work culture, supportive leadership, and inspirational colleagues can help drive us to passionately and continuously challenge ourselves to do better every day. As far as what is next,  I’ve actually never been to Disney World, so …

Congratulations, Mr. Cohen!

As a founding member of LifeStation, Mr. Cohen has been instrumental in our success. From the first self-installed emergency response systems that used physical telephone lines to the latest 4G LTE smartwatch wearables, Mr. Cohen has helped LifeStation stay on the cutting edge of life safety technology.  And along the way, his dedication to providing the highest level of customer service and his endless attention to detail is why LifeStation is one of the most respected medical alert companies in business today.

During the past year, Mr. Cohen has led the design and construction of LifeStation’s new headquarters in Union, NJ.  We are honored to have Mr. Cohen’s last major project with our company laying the foundation for LifeStation’s future.

We are so grateful for the hard work and dedication that Mr. Cohen has put into the company. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your service over the last 33 years. His leadership has been a huge part of creating our success!

We wish Mr. Cohen the best in his retirement. We know he will enjoy having more time to spend with his wife (Jane), son (Jason), grandchildren, and of course, his cars.

As we look forward to next year’s LifeStation Honors Awards Ceremony, let’s take a moment to reflect on our colleagues’ hard work and achievements and celebrate their continued success. Thank you to everyone who attended this year’s event!


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