Chatting with LifeStation’s very own Michelle Elam on her experience at the RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health

Michelle Elam, a Senior Business Development Executive at LifeStation, recently attended the RISE Summit on Social Determinants of Health in Chicago. She had the opportunity to speak with fellow colleagues and learn from industry leaders representing various organizations. Michelle shared her insights and perspectives, while also gaining valuable knowledge from other participants. In her own words, here’s what Michelle had to say about her experience at RISE National 2023:

What was your favorite speaker presentation?

Michelle: The stand-out presentation was the Health Plan Leadership Panel: Connecting the Dots on SDoH and Health Equity. This session was about gaining insights from managed care leaders on funding SDoH efforts, the interconnectedness of SDoH and Health Equity, keys to sustainability, and perspective on how to all row in the same direction together by supporting those who are already doing it at the community level. 

What industry trend are you hearing about that interested you the most?

Michelle: I was excited to hear and think about ways we at Lifestation can better support our Health Plan Partners with our solutions, specifically by assisting in the remainder of Annual Wellness Visits.

What actual or potential government policy changes were top of mind?

Michelle: I heard many discussions on how federal entities are working with states and local government organizations, as well as across sectors, to advance SDoH initiatives.

Tell me about the tone of the conversations you were having with potential partners. What are they thinking about the PERS industry?

Michelle: Our future and potential partners know that PERS is a must-have for the Dual eligible special needs plans or DSNP population, but the struggle continues to be the justification for adding to all Medicare Advantage members. Bid designs are tight going into 2024, so statistics and solid outcome data help in their decision-making process.

Did you see current partners at the show? What are they hoping to see LifeStation help them solve in the future?

Michelle: We met with many future and current partners at this show and they continue to be excited to have assistance with keeping members safe, reduction in lengthy hospital stays, and working together to exchange data that may help our partners better understand their members.

LifeStation hosted a dinner for potential partners. How did this dinner go and what were the key takeaways?

Michelle: During the dinner, we had the opportunity to meet and connect with several of our channel partners and future clients. The atmosphere was welcoming and lively, with engaging conversations taking place throughout the evening. As a result of these discussions, several follow-up conversations were scheduled to explore potential collaboration opportunities and partnerships. Overall, the dinner event proved to be an excellent platform for building relationships and advancing business objectives.


Overall, we had a great time at the RISE SDoH Summit. The atmosphere at the event was energizing and inspiring. We met with many professionals and experts from various fields who shared a common goal:  solutions to SDoH challenges and achieving better outcomes for the most vulnerable populations. The conversations were engaging, and everyone seemed genuinely interested in learning from each other and collaborating to achieve our shared mission.


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