Medicare Industry Leader Laura Aiello Lends Insight at Medicare Marketing & Sales Summit

LifeStation was honored to sponsor and participate in the annual RISE Medicare Marketing and Sales Conference, hosted in Las Vegas, January 29-31, 2023. Every year the MMS conference is held to bring together Medicare Advantage industry leaders to discuss innovation in the space, focusing on Medicare plan marketing, Medicare program member engagement, and sales tactics to grow Medicare Advantage plan membership. Our very own Laura Aiello, Senior Director, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, participated in the panel, “Call Centers: The Secret Weapon for Sales.” We sat down to discuss her time at the conference and on the panel!


How was your time in Las Vegas? 

Las Vegas is truly a city with something for everyone! Endless options of award-winning chefs, entertainment, and lights (from the hotels to the slot machines!)- it was a great place to network and let loose. You never know who you’ll run into in Las Vegas. On our first night, we hosted a health plan for dinner at Vanderpump’s and Lisa Vanderpump herself was dining only a few tables away! 

What was the most interesting exhibit you saw? 

The exhibits never disappoint at RISE MMS. We learned about a tool that can gauge your health just by taking your picture and scanning your face through an iPad. It could tell your skin age, your mental health state and gave a realistic picture of where members can focus on enhanced self-care. 

What was the focus of the panel you spoke on?

The panel was “Call Centers: The Secret Weapon for Sales.”

What is the most important trend you saw that will impact consumers lives? 

Flex cards continue to evolve and grow in importance! They have an evolving list of benefit inclusions, allowances, and an ease-of-use that impacts senior consumer choices. 

What was the hot topic? 

This is the year of a strong plan design! Medicare Advantage plans must put heavy consideration (more than ever!) into their plan design in order to win new members.

How did this conference influence your perspective on the direction of the industry? 

There are constant changes in the Medicare landscape. Now, more than ever, consumers are flooded with decisions and endless choices. It’s challenging enough for them to understand all of the options available to them, but plans continue to have to massage their design and change the way they offer benefits due to the evolving needs of consumers, CMS changes and the competitive landscape. Everyone had one common theme that they could agree on: working together to keep members healthy, active, and safe. 

Who else was on your panel? 

Our panel was led by John Selby of Convey Health Solutions. My esteemed panel colleagues were Chris Bond, Todd Rau and Steve Salinsky.  

Did you like your cartoon portrait? Laura Aiello MMS Speaker

RISE always keeps it fun. I’m happy with cartoon me – no filter needed! 




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